A New Direction

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.

From Wind in the Willows


When I initially put this web site together I intended that it be devoted primarily to West Virginia.  The first departure from that theme was a section in remembrance of my brother. This section of the site is also a departure from the original intent to focus on West Virginia. 

A few months ago I fulfilled a dream that I had all but given up on - owning a sailboat large enough to spend several days at a time on or perhaps live on for short periods of time.  I've owned a number of boats in my lifetime, kayaks, canoes, an aluminum fishing boat, a 16 foot runabout and a bare bones wooden 18 foot cabin cruiser. The revival of the dream came about as an indirect result of a job change.  The job, while still located in West Virginia, was within reasonable drive time to the Chesapeake Bay.  In late summer (2008) I decided, with the encouragement of my oldest son, to "just look".  I hadn't yet committed to the idea of actually buying. I did a lot of "looking" online before making appointments with brokers to actually get aboard boats.  But I was still "just going to look". One day of "just looking" did it.  I was able to get aboard several boats. I was hooked, and the next week I made an offer on the first  boat that I had looked at.

Serenity is a 27 foot, sloop rigged sailboat that also has a small diesel engine.  She was built by Tartan Yachts. has a galley (kitchen), bathroom (head) and sleeping quarters (berths).

For this year at least, Serenity "lives" on the western side of the upper Chesapeake Bay just northeast of Baltimore.