A New Direction - 5
The Winter Doldrums

Although winter isn't officially here yet, for most of us, the sailing season is over and it's time to bundle up the boat and begin planning the maintenance and repairs that need to be completed before spring arrives. Serenity is out of the water.  Her sails are in bags to be stored in a dry place for the winter. The marina lot that is virtually empty most of the year is fast filling up with boats.  We got Serenity covered today (early November).  As we were working to get her covered there were an number of other boat owners on the grounds doing the same or making an early start on maintenance.  The first thing we noticed when we arrived was that Serenity needs to have her bottom painted.  The blue paint is intended to discourage barnacles and other critters as well as algae from making her bottom their home.  The paint is supposed to wear off gradually over the course of a year or two.  We had hoped to get another year of use without sanding and painting but it is not to be.  One of the values of getting a boat out of the water for the winter season is the chance to see what's been happening below the water line.  Sometimes, we don't want to see what we see.

The visits to the marina will not be as frequent over the next few months and when they do occur it will be for work not pleasure, although some of the work can be pleasurable - some can be downright nasty.

We also brought some "homework" back.  All of the cabin cushions are going to be cleaned.  The wood trim in the cabin that gets the most wear and tear was removed and will be refinished.  Teak trim for the cockpit coamings will be designed, cut to fit and varnished.  It will be installed when the weather is warmer.     


Serenity Bundled Up

Lots of boats on land, very few left in the water for the winter.