A New Direction - 6

And so it begins.  As winter slowly comes to a close and slightly warmer weather appears so do the ladders, scrapers, sanders, polishers, drills, wrenches, hammers and all manner of tools needed to begin the preparations for another season on the water.  Perhaps the most onerous of tasks is the annual scraping and sanding the boat bottom to prepare it for a new coat of anti-fouling paint.  This is perhaps the only time of the year that those of us who own smaller boats, and therefore have less bottom to prepare and paint, are not envious of the bigger boats. Since the paint is somewhat toxic, the task of taking it off and putting it on involves a minimum of goggles, a mask, rubber gloves and clothes you don't care about. I noticed one individual who was taking no chances.  He was wearing a paper coverall complete with hood tied tightly over his head.  No part of his body was uncovered. I figured that had to be very uncomfortable but probably the safest way to go. 

One has to use a blanket or a mat (thoughtfully sold by the marina) on the ground to catch the paint flakes and sanding dust.  Even though moved frequently to be right under the area that is being worked on, the blanket or mat has a mysterious habit of not being where it's supposed to be, prompting thoughts of having to pay huge sums of money for clean up.

As I strolled among the boats during breaks in my labor (the breaks becoming longer and more frequent as the day progressed), I noticed the variety of moods and methods that were displayed by the folks doing the scraping and sanding. Some worked quickly. Some worked slowly. Some were meticulous, some not so much.  Some went about the task stoically. Some seemed relatively content.  Some actually seemed happy (I have serious concerns about them).  For myself, I feel that I approached the job with reasoned objectivity, seeing it for what it actually is: a messy, noxious, laborious, aggravating task that involves a great deal of sweating, contortions, and requiring occasional cursing.


March - The vehicles, ladders and tools begin to appear.  

March 22nd

Where's the fun in this? . . . . . Other than getting to wear these way cool paper suits.

Painting is next - stay tuned.

April 5th - The paint goes on a lot easier than it comes off!

First coat done! One more to go.

Frog Mortar Creek

Sunset - Frog Mortar Creek