Out On The Bay 2010


Concord Point Light - On the southern outskirts of Havre de Grace.

Range lights indicate the deep water channel. Commercial traffic, and pleasure craft as well,  keep the rear light in line with the front light to stay in the channel.  Notice the birds - imagine the amount of bird droppings.  How would you like to be the person who has to climb up on the platform to service the light?  These lights are south of Havre de Grace.

MaChusla under sail.

Eric adjusting the genoa.

Eric and his dingy.

Maddie chillin' out.
The two pictures above are of my son Eric sailing his Tartan 27-2 (My former boat).  The mailsail is reefed in the picture directly above.  Photos courtesy of Winnie Nissley. Taken from the s/v Bert & Ernie.


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