Sailing Season 2009


The boats started moving back into their natural element in April.  By the end of May all but a few had returned to the water. The boat yard began to look bare.  The busy sounds of work that filled the yard are now mostly absent.
Boats are moved into and out of the water by lifting with either a very large fork lift or a travel lift (picture below) depending on the size and weight of the boat.  In the picture below the travel lift is lifting a Soverel 37. The boat is backed into what amounts to a deep trench, the lift is moved over the boat, straps are placed under it and the lift begins.  The reverse happens when a boat is put into the water.

A beautiful day to be out on the water.














Who's driving the boat???

Flying a spinnaker near Hart Miller Island.

Windy day - choppy seas - picture quality suffered.

Osprey awaiting our return.













Fireworks at a neighboring marina the week after July 4th.

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