The Move - March 2010

Ma Chusla's home for many years has been a small private marina on Warehouse Creek, a tributary to the South River that is located south of Annapolis near the town of Edgewater. Although a nice setting, it lacked some basic necessities such as restrooms, showers, and WiFi. There was also the reported heavy power boat traffic on the South River during weekends. I much preferred the Maryland Marina which has all of the amenities, a working boat yard, haul out capacity, a restaurant on site, lots of other sail boaters, some friends I had made over the past year and a half, and WiFi. Maryland Marina is located northeast of Baltimore on Frog Mortar Creek near the town of Middle River.

The decision to move to the Maryland Marina wasn't difficult. The difficulty was anxiously waiting for a decent weather window to make the move. 

Several weekends during the endless winter were spent at the boat beginning the sorting, cleaning, polishing, and repairing process. As much cabinetry as possible was removed and taken home to be refinished in the evenings during the week.

A tentative date of April 3rd was set for the move, contingent on the weather, and I anxiously checked the extended forecast several times a day during the week and a half prior to the move.

The week preceding the move crawled by. Items that needed to go on the trip were organized as well as the items I that I needed on the boat to continue work on it. The day before the move I was "primed" and sure that I would not get any sleep that night. My plan was to get up very early and be on the road just about day break with my son Eric and Maddie, the dog who had no idea what she was in for.  I slept in - - - - never heard the alarm. The first thing I heard in the morning was Eric running the coffee grinder. We were more than an hour behind schedule before the day began!

We drove to the Maryland Marina, dropped my car and went on to Edgewater. Getting gear aboard, unplugging the 50 foot shore power cord, getting it coiled up and aboard, untying and retrieving the dock lines, starting the engine, and getting the unsuspecting Maddie aboard took a half hour or so.

Contrary to weather forecasts, the morning was overcast, dreary, and almost cold. Once we motored out of Warehouse Creek and onto the South River it was downright cold - cold enough that we piled on all the clothes we had with us which still wasn't enough for me. The wind was in our faces and there was a heavy chop on the river. Ma Chusla handled the chop with an easy motion making six knots over the ground. Maddie seemed unperturbed.

Just as we exited South River onto the Bay, the sun reluctantly broke through. By the time we were rounding the Thomas Point Lighthouse it was noticeably warmer and the wind was at our backs.

The trip up the Bay was interesting but uneventful except for the mysterious swell that was running in the area of the 7 ft knoll - a point roughly east of the southern side of the mouth of the Patapsco River. 

Because we wanted to arrive while there was still some daylight, we motored the entire distance averaging just under six knots without making much demand on the engine. As soon as Hart Miller Island was in sight I felt as though I was in familiar water.

We arrived at the marina with plenty of daylight left, located Ma Chusla's new home, got her backed into the slip and tied off. Since we had time, we decided to retrieve Eric's car so that we would have the entire next day to do whatever we saw fit to do. We got back to the marina with both vehicles just after dark.

After a shower and dinner, I slept aboard Ma Chusla for the first time. All in all a perfect day!


The weather went from this . . . . . . . . .

         . . . . . . . . . . to this


Thomas Point Light
Ships anchored in the Bay just south of the Bay Bridge

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Sandy Point Light

Craighill Channel Light - Notice the outhouse on the right side.

Maddie - "I don't know where they're takin' me."


Smooth sailin'

Ma Chusla in her new home.

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