Winter Stuff 2011/12


Ready for winter.
The New Year holiday weekend was spent on board MaChusla.  The weather was near perfect until the evening of New Year's day.  The temperature dropped and the wind kicked up gusting to 30 knots.  It was an uncomfortable night spent on a bouncing, heeling, jerking boat. New Year's day included a trip to Havre de Grace, Maryland.  Very nice town which is making a successful effort to maximize tourism.  A "promenade" has been built from the town dock following the shore line for approximately a mile toward town.  It passes just in front of the Concord Light.

Concord Light.

This gull cooperatively posed next to an educational display on the promenade which identified it as one of the Birds of the Bay.

This sycamore tree was sacrificed to Hurricane Irene last fall at the Maryland Marina. Enough of the stump was left to create this carving. The eagle was carved as part of the stump - not carved separately and added.

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