August 2006

To: AllData Employees
From: Art M
Date: August 24, 2006

Hello ALLDATA Comrades,

I would have never thought that I would be sending an email like this so early in my time at ALLDATA. But I am regretfully informing you of my leave from ALLDATA. I will be leaving next Friday August 1st. There have been many memories that I have made and enjoyed with all of you here. Recently I have been given the new responsibility of a family member and my current location, the prices of gas at 15mpg, and financial situation would make it extremely hard for me to stay here. I have been working here during the day and at a private shop in Roseville during the night. I will be working full time for the shop and making a good amount of money, so everything is looking just fine. I will be doing what I enjoy there, and it's only 7.6 miles away ( I clocked it last night ). I would like to formally thank all of those who have helped me here and given me the gift of the knowledge I received here. I would also like to thank Sean Still for helping keep me awake when I was working here full time, and going to school at WyoTech full time. And Thank you Tom Macom for teaching me that even when life hands you a bad card that you can still triumph and be dealt a good hand. Thanks to my ALLDATA homies Ken, Lloyd, Keith, Jose, Justin, Bobby, Stacy, and I could probably exceed the total data allowed for an email If I were to list all the friends I've made here. So I guess I could probably keep rambling on and waste everyone's time, So I will just make this final thought and keep from bugging everyone. I learned alot at ALLDATA, and got alot of exposure in the automotive solutions field. I made friends along the way and had a fun time doing so. In no way would I ever regret working for this company. I will probably come back some day and work here again. Although I wont be working for ALLDATA..... I will ALWAYS be living the pledge!

To: Paul , Jane and Tom, Todd and Sandy, Tim, Sheila, Eric, Aaron, Tracy & Rhiannon
From: Tom
Subject: To my family
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 08:07:42 -0700

It was a true joy to spend time with you all. My visit has left me feeling loved and knowing that I will never have to face life's challenges alone. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I feel lucky and privileged to be blessed with such a family.

George (Paul), you started out as my big brother, whom I idolized. Over the years that relationship has progressed to a treasured friendship based on love, mutual respect and common interests. Thanks for showing me some other, lesser known, aspects of WV life.

Sheila, I'm very glad to have had the chance to meet you and happily welcome a fellow hippie into the family fold.

Jane, you and I have certainly had a close but very turbulent relationship over the years, from being your pesky baby brother to the times when you disowned me for various reasons. But through it all, I have never doubted that you loved me and that, in the end, we would always be Family. I love you, sister.

Tom, I've always found you to be amusing, friendly, generous and fun to be around. It was great to see you again. Although you and Jane had a rocky start, I'm happy to see that you enjoy and have grown comfortably into one another and will provide the mutual support necessary to survive the trials of age.

Eric, it was wonderful to finally have some time to get to know you and build a link between us. Thank you for your hospitality and generosity.

Aaron, Tracy and Rhiannon, you have one of the sweetest and obviously loving family groups I have ever seen. I'm glad I had a chance to spend some time with you all. Aaron, I hope you enjoy the old sci-fi rags.

Tim, because I spent so much time with you as a baby and small child, you are the closest I will ever come to knowing the joys and trials of raising a child. We started out as buddies and I'm happy to feel that we still are and will remain so forever. I see much of your father's friendliness and sense of humor in you. It was wonderful to meet Emma, the newest member of our family, and it was especially great to ride with you.

Todd, you were so young when we last spent any time together that I barely knew you. You have certainly developed into a bright and industrious young man, as well as an excellent road captain. I'm sorry I didn't have more time to get to know Sandy. Congratulations on the new big-twin, but sorry if I caused you to increase your monthly expenses by riding the Road King. *grin*

Love to all,


To: Friends
From: Tom
Subject: a quick update
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006

Hello to all,

I'm home from a wonderful 2 week visit with my family in PA and WV, reconnecting with my siblings, establishing a new bond with my 4 nephews who were almost too young to know me when I moved away, and meeting their spouses/children for the first time. It was a very fulfilling and satisfying experience which, once again, in spite of my health problems, left me feeling very lucky indeed.

I'm going about getting all my ducks in a row for the move to Hawaii. I've scheduled a meeting with SSA in mid-September to discuss the disability situation. I've overhauled my banking options to ensure I can make the best use of my available funds for moving purposes, and to begin a just-in-case fund for my final expenses, a precaution that was long-overdue. One by one I'm identifying and solving obstacles and performing necessary arrangements. There is a lot of preparation to do, but I'm happy with the progress I'm making. (I hardly even recognize myself! :^))

Early next month I'm scheduled to have a new PET scan, followed by a set of meetings with my doctors to discuss any future treatment plans or options. So, that's all going as well as can be expected.

Strangely, I haven't yet found the time to miss going to work. Hmmm, maybe later . . . . . *grin*

I'll keep you all informed.


To: Tom
From: Jim W
Date: August 30, 2006

Hi Tom;

It was good to hear that things are coming together for you. I believe that
your attitude will go a long way with your health.

I can't understand why you don't miss work.

At any rate, I hope your plans continue to go well.

Jim W

To: Tom
From: Tim R
Date: August 30, 2006

I'm glad to hear that you are on track with your life and plans Tom. It is
obvious from the tone of your mail that you are looking to the future with
a much brighter outlook than before. I hope all goes well for you my
friend. Please stay in touch.

Your Friend,